Looe Harbour Commissioners – Job Vacancy

Part Time Cleaner

Looe Harbour Commissioners are seeking a Harbour Cleaner to work variable shift patterns (7 hours per week April to Sept / 4 hours per week Oct to March)

Full job description;

Job Description & Duties

 Whilst employed in the following position on Looe Harbour staff, your job description and duties will be as follows;

Job Title: Cleaner

 Person Specification:

  •  Be flexible to changing demands of the post
  • Take pride in a job well done, committed to achieving high standards of cleanliness and hygiene
  • Be punctual, reliable and trustworthy
  • Willing to undertake any training relevant to the role
  • Trustworthy, maintaining confidentiality at all times in respect of Harbour related matters and to prevent    disclosure of confidential and sensitive information
  • Ability to manage time effectively
  • Initiative and the ability to work without supervision, but as part of a team if required
  • To be prepared to work flexible hours depending on the season.

 Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  •  To ensure that a high level of cleanliness is maintained throughout the Harbour Office, Workshop toilet, New Granite Quay toilet and Quayside Centre.
  • To ensure standards and procedures are adhered to.To use cleaning materials appropriately, as instructed and economically. To inform Harbour Office when stocks are low.
  • To ensure that tools and equipment are in good working order, reporting any faults to the Harbour Office.
  • Empty and clean bins and remove waste to designated area.
  • Where practicable ensure windows and doors are closed and lights switched off.The cleaner is required to use only approved cleaning materials and in accordance with manufacturers printed instructions and COSHH regulations. Chemicals should never be mixed with other chemicals.
  • To be aware of their responsibilities for Health & Safety of themselves and others.


  • £8 per hour


  • 7 hours per week (April to September)
  • 4 hours per week (October to March)

 Application form available from Looe Harbour Office (01503 262839) or download here: cleaner application form Cleaner Job Description 

 Applications to be received no later than Midday on

Friday 5th May 2017