Looe Harbour Clerks 1848 to present day

31st June 1848 to 28th May 1878 Charles Tregenna
27th May 1878 to 27th February 1889 Robert M Thomas
18th July 1889 to 21st January 1920 William Tregillus
11th February 1920 to 16th June 1920 Colonel Harry Shapcott
8th July 1920 to 17th June 1929 Captain John Robert Barber
9th July 1929 to 25th November 1940 William Barber
16th December 1940 to 27th May 1945 Arthur Nicholas Hosking
28th May 1945 to 17th May 1949 William Barber
20th June 1949 to 4th June 1955 Frederick Foden
5th June 1949 to 13th July 1960 K W Rayner
31st August 1960 to 4th February 1978 John Henry Sargent
5th February 1978 to 20th January 2000 Adrian Charles Sargent
21st January 2000 to 12th September 2000 Michael Hugh Soady
3rd October 2000 to Current Tina Annie Hicks (Chief Executive)