Waiting lists

Below you will find up-to-date information regarding all our waiting lists. Please contact us if you would like to be added to any of them.

Centre Mooring List – Under 7.5 metres

Number on listNameDate AppliedRenewal Date
1B Pearn28/08/201228/08/2022
2R Coster28/08/201328/08/2018
3A Crabb14/05/201414/05/2019
4S Dunn29/06/201529/06/2020
5R Gibbs17/09/201517/09/2020
6G Eagle19/04/201719/04/2022
7D Rees25/07/201725/07/2022
8S Robathan01/10/201701/10/2022

Centre Mooring List – Over 7.5 metres

Number on listNameDate AppliedRenewal Date
1J C Peard01/11/200222/06/2020
2B Pearn28/08/1228/08/22
3C Roy18/11/201318/11/2018
4C Soby27/05/201427/05/2019
5J Graham-Jones18/05/201518/05/2020
6R Gibbs17/09/201517/09/2020
7D Collins10/05/201610/05/2021
8Mr Sheehan20/0/201720/09/2022
9J Bond27/09/201727/9/2022

Centre Mooring List – Cradle required

Number on listNameDate AppliedRenewal Date
1H Bowden16/08/201216/08/2017
2R Dear08/04/201308/04/2018
3S Kelleway14/03/201114/03/2021
4B Pearn28/08/201228/08/2017
5T Morris12/10/201212/10/2017
6K Bishop & M Richards06/06/201306/06/2018
7D Garrott05/05/201505/05/2020
8C Walsh19/06/201719/06/2022

Dinghy Rack

Number on listNameDate AppliedRenewal Date
1T Peat02/01/201302/01/2018
2R Coster28/08/201328/08/2018
3C Roy30/01/201430/01/2019
4M Southern01/03/201401/03/2019
5S Barker09/07/201409/07/2019
6P Steeper16/09/201616/09/2021
7Mr Prescott01/10/201601/10/2021
8J Child01/11/201601/11/2021
9D Riella01/07/201701/07/2022
10G Hicks26/04/201826/04/2023

Quayside Mooring List

Number on listNameDate AppliedRenewal date
1P DAVIS15/11/200401/06/2021
2P KING01/01/200510/05/2020
3C MCDONOUGH28/08/201428/08/2019
4S GLASS15/09/201515/09/2020
6D REES & P DAVIES25/07/201725/07/2022
7T PEAT26/07/201726/07/2022
8MR SHEEHAN20/09/201720/09/2022
9A SPINDLEY10/10/201710/10/2022
10J GRAHAM-JONES09/05/201809/05/2023

Reserved Parking

Number on listNameDate AppliedRenewal Date
1C RATCLIFFE01/05/201301/05/2018
2D K MILLER25/06/201325/06/2018
3J & S FERGUSON27/04/201527/04/2020
4K MCEVOY04/06/201504/06/2020
5F BRIMECOMBE19/01/201718/01/2022
6J ROSIER16/02/201715/02/2022
7H JONES28/03/201728/03/2022
8D & P SCHOFIELD11/12/201711/12/2022
9A PRUEN11/01/201811/01/2023
10A MCADOREY06/04/201806/04/2023