Under the East & West Looe Harbour and Bridge Act 1848, and the Looe Harbour Order 1920, with amendments.

The following rates apply to vessels navigating within 846 yards (773 metres) to the seaward end of the Banjo Pier to the high water mark of the East & West Looe rivers, and to persons and other means of transportation using Harbour Commissioners property.

Year 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023

Commercial Charges
Ship dues per gross tonne £0.58p
Goods dues (other than fish) per tonne £8.53
Registered fishing boats (landing to market) max stay 24 hrs FREE
Not landing to market £26.25 per night
Work boats/Dive boats £26.25 per night
Passenger boats £26.25 per night

Commercial Mooring Charges
Reg FV (Paying monthly landing fees) £13.00 per metre
Reg FV (Not paying monthly landing fees) £36.00 per metre
Vessel moored in market or fuel berth per tide £25.00 per night
(Without the Harbour Master’s permission)
Reg FV (Paying Landing Fees) & Tripping P.O.A.
Licenced passenger boats, per year £36.05 per metre
Work boats £36.05 per metre
Varied – Fishing/Tripping £18.05
Ferry boats not licenced to go to sea per year £36.05 per metre
Passenger Dues (Up to 12 Passengers) £12.00 per seat
Passenger Dues (Over 12 Passengers) £18.00 per seat

Passenger Dues (Over 12 Passengers) £18.00 per seat

Private Mooring Charges
West Looe Quayside (minimum charge 5.7912mtres (19ft)) £240.00
Centre Moorings Under 7.5 metres (24’) £506.65
Up to 10 metres (32’) £687.85
Each additional length £21.40 per 0.3048 metre
Unoccupied Moorings (Allowed for one year only) 50% of Annual Mooring fee
Dinghy rack £100.00
Kayak – £90
Sailing boats seafront (Large) As per LHC agreement
Sailing boats seafront (Small) As per LHC agreement
River usage charge £18.00
(For boats not paying mooring fees to Looe Harbour)
Non Commercial Visitor Charges
Per Night (tender to visiting craft free of charge) £25             

Short stay visitors (up to 2 hours) Free     

Vessels taking part in local events P.O.A.

Other Charges
Commercial vessel layup charge P.O.A.
Private vessel layup charge P.O.A

Advertising Boards
Business (Large – Non Fishing/Tripping) £169.60
Business (Small – Non Fishing/Tripping) £79.50
Boats £38.20

Quayside Storage
Cargo stored on quay per day £4.40 per sq. metre
Containers P.O.A.

Fishing Gear Stored On Quay
Potato Box (Purchase – one off payment) P.O.A.
Potato Box Quayside Rent £1.80 per week
Net Box/Bin (after 48 hours) £1.80 per day
Per Pallet £1.80 per pallet per day
Loose Items £1.75 per item/day

Fork Lift Truck Hire
Per lift £20.00
Per hour £70.00

Crane Hire
Per hour (Minimum Fee) £70.00

Commercial Slipway Usage
Launch/Recovery £13.50 per tide
Maintenance/Inspection per tide £13.50 per tide

Waste Disposal Charge
Oil and garbage from fishing boats FREE (MCA notice)
Other Waste Charged on weight

Wayleaves P.O.A.

Boats paying mooring fees to Looe Harbour
First 2 days free, then: £30.00 per day
Visiting Craft: visitor mooring rate plus £30.00 per day

Landing Dues (LHC/PTA)
Direct to Looe Market £2.25% + 1% box charge
Overland to Looe Market £1.5% + ½ % box charge
Direct landing to buyer £2.25% + box wash @ 0.30p per box

Box Pool Charge (LHC/PTA)
Boats buying in Cost of box at time of purchase
Boats selling £5.30 per box less lossage
(10% of holding)

Fisherman’s Ice (No VAT)
Skip £14.50 (no VAT)
Box (if boat goes to sea) £1.25 (no VAT)
Fridge storage use per pallet £1.60 overnight storage

Other Facility Usage
Use of offal fridge £2.50 per day
Use of offal fridge and fridge £3.00 per day

Buyers Ice (No VAT)
Skip £14.50 (No VAT)
Box £1.25 (No VAT)
(Outside buyers to use own skips)
1 Skip = 12 Boxes

Non Buyers Ice (No VAT) POA

Use of Offal Fridge and Fridge (Buyers) £27.30 per month

Car Park (incl. VAT)
1 hour £1.00 (incl. VAT)
2 hours £2.40 (incl. VAT)
3 hours £3.70 (incl. VAT)
4 hours £4.80 (incl. VAT)
10 hours £10.00 (incl. VAT)
24 hours £15.00 (incl. VAT)
Overnight Parking 6pm to 8am £2.00 (incl. VAT)

Other Parking Permits/Charges
Annual ticket £443.00
Reserved ticket £917.00
Reserved Parking under Quayside Centre £795.00           Replacement Permit (lost or damaged) £20

Reserving Car Parking Spaces for Crane Lift/Weddings/Occasions Daily Charge x 2 x no of spaces

Wharfage £307.40
Mobile Cranes P.O.A.
Demo displays P.O.A.
Passage over the quay £26.50

Millpool Launching Area Parking
Up to 2 hours Car (that has launched a boat) £2.40
Car and Trailer £4.80
Up to 4 hours Car (that has launched a boat) £4.80
Car and Trailer £9.60
All day Car (that has launched a boat) £10.00
Car and Trailer £20.00

Fisherman/Tripper’s Rental Charges
Market Loft £18.70 per sq. metre
Granite Quay Loft £25.15 per sq. metre
Lower Quay Store £18.90 per sq. metre
Sardine Factory Loft £25.15 per sq. metre

Non Fisherman’s Rental Charges £82.45 per sq. metre

Miscellaneous Charges
Waiting list charge (to remain on list for 5 years) £50.00 (incl. VAT)
Photocopying £0.35 per sheet (incl. VAT)
Pressure washer £37.00 per half day
Labour charge £41.00 per hour
Late Payment Fees 8% of Overdue Amount P/A
(Not applicable to those meeting agreed Standing Orders)
Returned Cheque Admin Fee £45.00 + bank chg. (incl. VAT)
Inclusion on Website £25.00 (incl. VAT)
Ferry Licence £5.00

Millpool Slipway Conservancy Fee
Non-motorised Vessel £2.00 (incl. VAT)
Motorised Vessel £5.00 (incl. VAT)

Pilotage Charge P.O.A.

Land Rental for Tables and Chairs on Harbour property P.O.A.

Stalls on Harbour Property
LHC Tenants £45.00 per day (incl. VAT)
Registered Charities £45.00 per day (incl. VAT)
Other (Trade) £305.00 per day (incl. VAT)

Quayside Centre
Market Stalls £10.00 per market (incl. VAT)
Events Donation to be agreed with LHC

Payment Charges
Cheques £0.90p per cheque
Cash £1.06 per £100 cash banked

NB: All charges are Plus VAT unless otherwise stated



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