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Stay safe in Looe

When you’re out on the water in Looe anything can happen. How well will you cope in an emergency? Planning ahead is the best way to go and, although there may be many ways to stay safe at sea, here are five top tips from the RNLI and Harbour Authority regarding Sea Safety:

Wear a lifejacket

Boating can be an extremely unpredictable. If you find yourself in the water, a correctly fitted lifejacket could be your lifesaver!

Engine and fuel checks

When was your engine last serviced? Are you sure it will get you home? Always check you have enough fuel for the trip and always carry reserve fuel.

Tell others where you are going

Tell someone ashore where you are going and when you’ll be back. They will raise the alarm if you are overdue.

Calling for help

How will you call for help in an emergency? VHF is best because you are broadcasting to many others on the water who may be listening to your call. Mobile phones are an option but you may not get adequate reception at sea and the person you are calling may not be able to answer. Flares are essential too.

Weather and tides

Before you head out, always check forecasts and tide times.



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