Looe Harbour Office is a ‘Safe Place’


What are Safe Places?

A safe place helps vulnerable people if they feel scared or at risk while they are out and about in the community and need support right away.

The free-to-use Safe Places Apps show all the Safe Places in districts that have decided to make the Apps available. You can see which districts have chosen to make the Safe Places Apps available on the Member Schemes page.
They are free-to-use by anyone with a smart phone and are available to download now from both the App Store and Google play

The apps have a function called ‘Get me to my nearest Safe Place Now’ (Panic button) which immediately directs you to the nearest open Safe Place. If no Safe Place is located within a 15-minute walk it will automatically offer to call the non-emergency 101 number to get help over the phone.
They are currently being developed to be voice activated so those who may traditionally struggle to use an App or those with visual impairments can be directed to a Safe Place by simply talking to their phones.