MUIRIN the Sea Monster

The legendary Cornish sea monster, MORGAWR was first sighted in 1944 by a 13 year old lad who had sailed out of Mevagissey Harbour aboard the IBIS, heading for pilchard grounds off Fowey Point.

There is a very interesting account of this online entitled ‘A Memorable Night at Sea’.

More recently, (1975), there was a sighting of a similar sea monster near Pendennis Point and then the following year, there was another sighting off the Lizard Point by two local fishermen.

Was this a descendant of the original ‘MORGAWR’ sighted in 1944?

There have been no such sightings for many years, until recently, when a very strange creature was sighted swimming up Looe River.

We believe it could be the great, great granddaughter of MORGAWR!

Have YOU seen her?


With her name guessed correctly by Vicky Tompson of West Looe, MUIRIN is sitting in the River for the festive period!

With grateful thanks to:

Mike Darlington, Paul Greenwood, Hannah Jones,

Looe Music Festival, Looe Festivals Committee, Looe Harbour Commissioners and the Cornish Times

For their time and sponsorship