A Story By Mrs Florrie Prynn

A Story, composed by Mrs Florrie Prynn of West Looe using the names of the old luggers that used to fish out of Looe. (Circa 1980)

Sir – Seeing that the fishing boats of Looe are in the news again, which often makes the older inhabitants think of the fleet of yester-year. I have made up this little fantasy, bringing in the names of the boats I remember in my youth at Looe. I feel sure that it will make interesting reading for the older townspeople of Looe.

Some years ago a party of chaps and girls set out from Looe to walk through the woods to the little “JOHN WESLEY” chapel at the Trelawne Mill for the “HARVEST HOME” evening. T’was said that once “BILLY BRAY” preached there. I don’t remember the names of all “OUR BOYS”, but “OUR GIRL’S” names come readily to mind. There was “IDA” and “EMMA”, “EVELYN” and “DOROTHY”, “MONA”, “GRETA” and “HENRIETTA”, “GRACIE” was there too, she was a big girl, so to was “KATHLEEN”. As we ambled through the woodland path the “MAYFLOWER” had long withered, and the hawthorn, no “MAYBLOSSOM” boasted. Overhead in the evening sky, a lone “SEAGULL” darted in “SWIFT” and silent flight. I remember “ARTHUR” was our “LEADER”, he said he could “GUIDE ME” and the others to where some rare and lucky “SHAMROCK” grew. He was hoping for some luck with “ELLEN LOUISE”. I plucked some wild “FOR-GET -ME- NOT” for “ADELA”, she was my “LITTLE GEM”. I often gave her some little “TRINKET” to keep as a “TALISMAN”. When we arrived at the chapel we were made very “WELCOME”, and some of the more “WILLING BOYS” helped to blow the organ. When we came out after the service it was long past “TWILIGHT”, in fact it was dark: fortunately “EILEEN” had brought a torch almost like a “SEARCHLIGHT”, and when it shone out in all it’s “GLORY” it was like a sort of “GUIDING STAR” which would “LEAD ME” and the rest of us back through the woods. For the first mile or so we made good “PROGRESS”, then the battery failed and we were in the dark, “UNDAUNTED” we pressed “ONWARD”, until eventually, tired out but happy we saw the “KINDLY LIGHT” of home. P.S. “IRIS” and “ELFREDA” were at home with ‘OUR DADDY’.