Update on Easing of Lockdown Provisions and effect on recreational boating within the jurisdiction of Looe Harbour Commissioners

As many people will be aware, Government provided an update this morning with regards to recreational water use.

At mid-day today, the statement (below) was received from UKHMA.

Particular reference should be made to the statement ‘However, we are still seeking clarification if slipways and marina type operations can be safely opened……’

Having assessed all information available to them, Looe Harbour Commissioners have reached the decision that recreational boating will be permitted within its jurisdiction.

However, use of Harbour managed slipways will not be permitted until further clarification is received from UKHMA/BPA.

In the meantime, LHC staff are working on a lockdown exit strategy to ensure that all facilities can be re-opened to the public at the earliest opportunity.

LHC reiterate that as the Port Authority, our objective has been (and will continue to be) to minimise risk not only to our staff, but also port users, emergency services, members of the public and our local community.

Social distancing remains a key factor with regards to this easement of lockdown and stakeholders are urged to refresh their understanding of advice given on the Government website.

We will continue to work with other ports and associated organisations to resolve this matter as soon as practically possible and in the meantime, once again appeal for your understanding and co-operation during these very difficult times.

Tina Hicks

Chief Executive/Harbour Master

Looe Harbour Commissioners.


Good Day All
Following yesterday’s joint UKHMA / BPA statement regarding recreational marine activity, the Government has today released further guidance regarding access to green spaces – which is inclusive of boating and waterborne activities in England.
Please find below with permission of the BPA the following message in regard to the Government access to open spaces guidance received today;

Further to the Joint BPA & UKHMA statement sent last night, we are pleased to see guidance from Defra this morning on access to green spaces which indicates that boating on the water is possible in England.

The guidance states:
“all forms of water sports practiced on open waterways, including sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing, kayaking, surfing, paddle-boarding and the use of privately-owned motorised craft (in line with the guidance issued by the relevant navigation authority) are allowed.
You can continue to use towpaths for walking, running and cycling, being mindful of other users and people living in boats along the water.”

However we are still seeking clarification if slipways and marina type operations can be safely opened as government officials have previously indicated to us that marinas are to be treated the same as caravan parks (with second homes etc).
At the moment the advice is that caravan parks should remain closed. We hope to see guidance from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport this week and the DfT last night indicated that decision on marinas will be made by them.
We appreciate your patience as we know lots of your users have been asking questions.
Finally, we would reiterate that many ports and leisure facilities in England will need to review the business guidance published this week by BEIS and the guidance for transport operators assessing what, if any, risks and modifications may be needed before opening to the public, bringing back staff, etc.
We would encourage you to consider this as it could take a short while to introduce any measures such as signage or hygiene arrangements, where required.

British Ports Association

We of course echo the BPA message and urge members to review their operational risk assessments and appropriate safety management measures in line with the latest Government guidance regarding social distancing and other safety considerations.
We expect further clarification and updates over the coming days and shall endeavour to share with you the latest relevant information.

Kind Regards